Artist feature for Anon Magazine by Jay Armstrong

"One tends to be captured by art either through the unique immersive process by which it is created or the work itself has an inexplicably captivating sense of wonder in completion. The greatest of artists– those who become catalysts for the aspiring seeking motivations in those striving to create beauty on their own– stand out through their ability to do both. Annalise Natasha Gratovich not only finds her work significant in exemplifying both cornerstones of greatness, she goes a step further through the lens of heritage and tradition to challenge social mores. Her woodcuts advocate for positive present change giving voice to the devastating reality of the marginalized. Standing before her prints shakes your entire being, the purpose and meticulous detail an afterthought behind the beauty, still it is powerfully ever-present."
Follow this link to read more of Jay Armstrong's artist feature of me and my work for Anon Magazine.