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Artist feature for Anon Magazine by Jay Armstrong

"One tends to be captured by art either through the unique immersive process by which it is created or the work itself has an inexplicably captivating sense of wonder in completion. The greatest of artists– those who become catalysts for the aspiring seeking motivations in those striving to create beauty on their own– stand out through their ability to do both. Annalise Natasha Gratovich not only finds her work significant in exemplifying both cornerstones of greatness, she goes a step further through the lens of heritage and tradition to challenge social mores. Her woodcuts advocate for positive present change giving voice to the devastating reality of the marginalized. Standing before her prints shakes your entire being, the purpose and meticulous...

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New Exhibition: Loved to Death collaborative work of Annalise Gratovich and Polly Morwood

Thrilled to be announcing the exhibition Loved to Death, the culmination of my collaborative work with Polly Morwood including etchings with embroidery and chine collé etching collages. Opening September 7th at Leona Gallery on East 12th Street in Austin, Texas.  Loved To Death is an exhibition of collaborative works on paper created over the past year by Annalise Gratovich and Polly Morwood. Utilizing copper plate etchings and embroidery, each handmade piece was pulled from a manual printing press in the Flatbed Press printshop of East Austin and completed in each artist’s respective studio. This new body of work explores innocence and tragedy, desire and sexuality, femininity and violence, and the boundaries in-between. 

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New Exhibition: Past and Present at Camiba Art 6th Street Gallery

Really happy to have my Borderland woodcut and some etchings in this exhibition at Camiba Art curated by Emerson Granillo. We'll be giving artist talks Sunday October 7th from 1-3pm.  Past and Present showcases artist who are using old mediums to have current conversations and present mediums to continue old conversations. The works included in this exhibition range in media and depict different narratives and realities. Pulling from different histories, perspectives and concepts allows for the artist to mediate and express themselves through their practice... Annalise Gratovich is using one of the oldest mediums, wood carving to explore themes of displacement and the search for home, settling and heritage of womanhood. Read more about the exhibition on the Camiba Art website. 

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